Internationale Congressen

Wednesday 1st September 2021
IBE Day at the 34th International Epilepsy Congress
Three (3) two-hour virtual sessions
Time: 07:00 EST, 13:00 CET/CAT, 16:30 IST, 19:00 CST, 21:00 AEST
If you are unsure about the start time for where you live, contact us at annlittle [at] ibe-epilepsy [dot] org for help.
1. Making Epilepsy a National Health Priority - intersectoral collaboration
Chairs: Mary Secco, IBE Secretary General and Action Amos, IBE Vice President Africa
Topics and speakers:
• 10-year intersectoral global action plan on epilepsy and other neurological disorders (IGAP) Tarun
Dua, WHO Brain Health Unit
• Improving care for children with neurological disorders in resource poor settings
Jo Wilmshurst President International Childhood Neurology Association
• Improving access to essential medicines
• Putting epilepsy on social policy and development agendas
John O'Toole, Division for Inclusive Development, UN Dept of Economic & Social Affairs
• Leveraging the IGAP to improve care for people with epilepsy
Alla Guekht, Chair ILAE Global Advocacy Council
• Working with donors
Gardiner Lapham, Trustee BAND Foundation
• Epilepsy Advocates Toolkit
Karen Robinson, Epilepsy South Africa
• Global health in epilepsy database
Karen Parko, ILAE North America
Programme update!
2. Empowering Youth to Raise their Voices
Chairs: Lorraine Lally (Ireland) and Scarlett Paige (Australia), co-chairs of the IBE Youth Team
Topics and speakers:
• Epilepsy & Pregnancy: launching IBE's new toolkit
Lorraine Lally and Gus Baker, Chair Epilepsy & Pregnancy Campaign and Secretary General-elect
• Meet the International Golden Light Award Winners 2021
Presentation of 19 awardees
• Hear my Story
International Golden Lights, from IBE's seven regions, share their personal stories:
• African region: tbc
• Eastern Mediterranean: Mohsen Fariborzi (Iran)
• Europe: Lynna Held (Germany)
• Latin America: tbc
• North America: Cassidy Megan (Canada)
• South East Asia: Vinay Jani (India)
• Western Pacific: Meng-Leo Chou (Taiwan China)
• Introduction to the IBE Global Youth Team
Lorraine Lally and Scarlett Paige
• Questions and Answers session
3. Psychologic treatment and self-management of epilepsy
Chair: Gus Baker (UK)
Topics and speakers:
• The comorbidities of epilepsy: a review
Gus Baker (Chair, IBE Research Team and Secretary-General-elect)
• The psychological management of epilepsy: The Turkish experience
Nuran Aydemir (Turkey), Co-chair IBE Research Team
• Self-management programmes in children: The Scottish experience
Liam Dorris (Scotland)
• Psychological treatment of epilepsy: The Mauritian experience
Devishada Dassyne (Mauritius)
• Self-management programmes: The US Experience
Rosemary Kobau (USA)
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